Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Dont'cha just love that show on The Discovery Channel called Myth Busters? I sure do, those two wild and crazy guys usually dispell most myths, but once in a while they prove something can or could have happened.....And once in a while The G-Man likes to dispell a few myths of his own.
After all, how can you have Too Much Information?

The Myth: In 1626, Peter Minuit bought Manhatton Island from the Canarsee Indians for 24 Bucks worth of trinkets, beads, and assorted bull-shit...

The Truth: Minuit did indeed give about 60 Guilders (roughly 24 Bucks) worth of beads, knives, axes, clothes, and Rum to Chief Seyseys of the Canarsee tribe..."To let us live amongst them" on Manhatton Island. But actually, the Canarsee got the best of the deal...BECAUSE THEY DID'NT OWN THE FRICKEN ISLAND!!! They lived on the other side of the East River in Brooklyn, and only visited the southern tip of the island to hunt and fish. The Weckquaesgeeks tribe, which lived on the upper 3/4 th's of the island had a much stronger claim to ownership.
Needless to say they were extremely pissed off when they found out they had been left high and dry on the deal. They in fact, fought with the Dutch settlers for years until the Dutch finally paid them off too!!.....The Dutch are crazy cheap bastards!!!
I hope you all learned something today, after all...Knowledge is Power!! I have to pandiculate in a few minutes, see you all tomorrow........ Peace!


Serena Joy said...

I may have some Dutch in my ancestry. LMAO!:-)

Rebicmel said...

lol I never knew that, I did learn something. :o)

lime said...

oh there is so much i could say about the lingering effects and the present influx of NYers into my area....i will sit very quietly instead...

Little Wing said...

you just called the Dutch crazy cheap bastards and then you ask for peace!


Ameratis said...

That is cool, thanks for sharing GMan :)

MONA said...

G Man has been swearing too much of late...

Charles said...

Odd, Dictionary.com defines pandiculated but not pandiculate. I learned 2 things from you today, G. Try not to highside that bike. See ya.

javajazz said...

that doesn't have anything to do
with the number 5, by any chance,
does it?

dickiebo said...

We Brits just do not like these bloody colonisers.

dickiebo said...

P.S. Pandiculate: stretching and yawning. Aaaaaaaahh! G'night.

Crabby said...

Pandiculate? Well, alright. But wear a condom.

Snow White said...

G-Man, I ALWAYS learn something from you! xox

gab said...

And to think Im part Dutch and my ansestors would fight about that! Share and share alike is my motto whats yours is mine and whats mine is mine

SignGurl said...

You totally made this up!

MONA said...

Charles I guess that is an adjective form, & Galen is all about verb or action...

Hope you had a good pandiculation G [noun]

javajazz said...

g'night dickie.

jadey said...

sweet bike my wordless wednesday pics are up please check them out and to anyone else who sees this please come and check it out on my blog thanks. Hi there rebicmel.

G-Man said...

Serena Joy!!!
But Serena, your not crazy...
I Think..xoxbgxoxox

then it was a good day!!

Oh Limey,
I forgot about your area.
Calm down..xox

But I meant it in an affectionate way!
Thanks sweetie xoxo

Hi Melodie,
I'm glad to be of service..
Nice to see you..xox

I'm sorry, are you offended?
I'll try to be more civil..

Hey Charles,
Careful, don't fall asleep!

You Brits are so civilized!!

You have a dictionary..

Hi SnowWhite,
Thanks sweetie

I'm NOT talking about you !

It's twue, It's Twue!!

It was great..xoxox

Good Night Yenta.

G-Man said...

I'll check it out!

G-Man said...

OK Everybody!!
Please forgive me, My PC that has no soundcard
No Graphic card
Just lost the mouse!!!
I'm Not posting for wednesday
But I do have an HNT for Thursday.
Hopefully, I can solve this problem tomorrow...Sorry
Galen xoxox
( I'm using My wifes PC)

Serena Joy said...

"Maybe" not crazy, but I do love driving a hard bargain.:)

So sorry about your PC. Sounds like it might be time to get a new one. Good luck!

jadey said...

thanks for checking out my blog and pics hope to see you around again.

J Morgetron said...

At one point in history ... I could check the exact year but that would require me walking up creaky stairs to the area of the house where people are sleeping ... Dutch pirates found a bunch of chocolate and threw it overboard because they didn't know what it was and thought it looked icky. I


PS: Let the smoke-blowing begin.


S said...

Gman, my 55 is writ already! Can you believe it?

javajazz said...

dont you remember that line from Laugh-In, G?
"g'night Dick..."
well well well, mr trivia, you are slipping!
remember how you said that line about crazy
dutch bastards was a famous line from somewhere i totally forget now? well so is "good night dick!"
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaa.
(ps, gnight Galen...)
pps sorry about your 2nd broken computer in
3 days....spoooooky!
ppps love you! xo

barman said...

Are you part Dutch? Maybe it is a good time to die and replace that old computer. They are not all that expensive these days. Gee wizz, now when I come here I have to learn things. Just don't start a quiz please. First pop quiz and I am out of here.

Now I know a little more about the island and even a new word .. yawn.

SignGurl said...

Get off your wallet and get a "real" computer so you can play with the big boys (& girls).

Charles said...

j morgetron, does that mean somebody one upped our founding father's Boston Tea Party, by throwing an early Cocoa Party?

gab said...

I know you were not directly talking about me....But that is my background no wonder Im screwed up! lol xoxoxoxox

Strumpet said...

I would like to know exactly WHAT are you pandiculating over there?

There are certain areas of the male body that when pandiculated can be quite pleasing to the female eye.

I request a pandiculated HNT tomorrow for our viewing pleasure.

I thank you in advance.

javajazz said...

Sign's so funny these days!
ha, "get off your wallet!"
how 'bout a nice little laptop,
mister showitall?

G-Man said...

Yeah I know..
I AM part Dutch!!

Anytime Jadey,

I don't think you believe me!

Talk about early!!
Holy Cow!!

Of course I remember Laugh-In.
I just didn't know we were talking about it!

Good Job Barman!!

G-Man said...

My last names NOT Rockefeller!!

I was thinking the same thing!!

You are NOT screwed up at all, are you?

I can't do THAT in public!
But Thank You for asking!

Thats what my next one will be..

Now I can't believe this but the old mouse appears to be working for awhile.....!!


S E E Quine said...

` Aha!! Good mythbusting skills! That's right clever of those Injuns!
` What about aliens? I used to mythbust them, but now they live in my apartment!

J Morgetron said...

I believe you. I just said that because G-Ra's pic is now posted on my site.


PS: I miss your frequent comments:( but I know yer a busy doood.
PSS: Do YOU believe ME regarding the Dutch pirates?

Hee hee heee.