Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm Baaaack.....

Hi Everybody, I hope you all had a wonderful week-end, I sure did!!

Me and my buddy Alex, left early Saturday morning to head up north to the Lake Huron shoreline, and pay a visit to my brother Mark and my nephew Kurtice. They live in a sweet little resort town of Oscoda. For years, Oscoda was the home of Wurtsmith Air Force Base, but during the Clinton Administratrion it was closed down. It sat useless for many years, but a few years ago, the city decided that it had value, and began to sell all the housing on base as resort property. That was a great idea, and Mark decided to buy a home there for after his 20 years was up. Anyway, thats where I have been these last 2 days. We golfed 9 holes on Saturday, and yesterday we golfed 18. My Step-dad Earl lives about 30 miles away near a town called Hale Michigan, and he joined us for golf on Sunday.....We all had a blast!!

So this is Musical Monday eh?...How about a little Elton John Trivia?

According to a Rolling Stone Interview, in 1968 Elton had not come out of the closet yet, he met a woman..."She was 6 feet tall, and was going out with a midget in Sheffield...he used to beat her up, and I felt so sorry for her. But I fell desparately in love with her, and we moved in together... but it was 6 months of pure hell....I tried to commit suicide, but it was a very Woody Allen type suicide, I turned on the gas but left all the windows open". In spite of all this dysfunction, Elton still had planned to marry her. The night before the ceremony, his friend and manager, John Baldry, came over and convinced him to call it off. ( I wonder HOW he convinced him?) Some time later, Elton and Bernie Taupin, wrote "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" about Baldry's 11th hour marriage intervention.

For the record, Elton didn't like this song at all. In fact, he thought that it was the worst vocal of all time,.,...But it hit #4 on the charts, and was nominated for a Grammy.

...It's a rainy day, AND a Monday...but I'm not letting it get me down....... Peace!!!


dickiebo said...

Welcome back. Hope you didn't worry about us!

MONA said...


MONA said...

he saved him by singing Wham Rap.

lime said...

it's a rainy monday here too but it sounds like your weekend was just wonderful. i'm so glad.

elton john has never been my favorite musician but it's always interesting to know what inpsired a song.

pinkhippo said...

Dropping by to say hello.

Have a good day! :)

Serena Joy said...

I'm glad you had such a great weekend.:)

I've always liked Elton John. Not so much some of the outlandish costumes, but always loved the music.

Rebicmel said...

Rainy days and Mondays should never get you down even though the song says otherwise boyo.

Glad to hear you had a fantabulous weekend. It rained here all day and was wonderful, sat out on the porch swing drinking coffee and listening to the raindrops.

hugs xoxoxox

barman said...

Most interesting. I liked Elton John a lot during the 70s and 80s. I guess I tended toward the softer rock most of the time. Interesting to hear about behind the scenes.

Glad you had a great weekend and that you were up north so you could avoid the rain we got Saturday night and all day Sunday.

Crabby said...

I didn't know he was ever not out of the closet. In or out, the guy is a great performer. Anybody here ever seen him in concert?

It's raining like a booger here too. Dark and comfy far as I'm concerned. Gets me outa yard work for today. WOOT!

jillie said...

I never knew that about how that song came about. But I do have to agree with Sir Elton, I was never a fan of that song myself. Although I am a big fan of his earlier music especially Good Bye Yellow Brick Road. That was his best album!

I can't see Elton with a woman...

Snow White said...

Mondays usually get me down, no matter what the weather! But I do love hearing the story behind a song... especially one I know. Thanks for sharing! Hope your day was great! xox

G-Man said...

I was worried sick!
Thanks for asking..

Thanks for being such a great friend..

Hi Limey,
After the drought and heat wave, the last 2 rainy days has been a blessing...Thanks sweetie..xoxox

Pink Hippo,
Hi sweetie, long time no see, thanks for stopping by...Galen

Hi Missy,
Where's my coffee?
That Oklahoma blend....

Hey Barman,
I had a great week-end!
It did'nt rain north of Standish, we golfed Saturday and Sunday...

Actually I've seen Elton John, and he puts on a kick ass show...
Yard Work?...

I can't see him with a woman either, but I can see him as a woman!

You are always so sweet to me, thanks..xoxox

J Morgetron said...

There are funnels in Omaha tonight!

I love Elton.

... And you can tell everybody this is your song
It may be quite simple but now that it's done
I hope you don't mind
I hope you don't mind that I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you're in the world ...

One of my favorite episodes of "Friends" was when Phoebe is telling everyone how she thinks the most romantic Elton John song is the one he wrote "for the guy from Who's the Boss." She was of course was mistaking the lyrics, "Hold me closer tiny dancer" for "Hold me close young Tony Danza ..."

Then the movie *Almost Famous* reignited that song's popularity once again.

ELTON EFFIN' RULES! Love that dude.

Glad you're back Big G.

snowelf said...

I am just too newer music orientated, I guess. Because I love "Blessed" and "Sacrifice" of all his music the very best. They both remind me of my chilis and that's probably why.

And "Someone saved my life Tonight"--I'm with Elton, I think the vocals were not that great. But he has lots of other great stuff to make up for it.


Cazzie!!! said...

Love Elton John..too bad he is so expensive to go see. He is having a concert under the stars here at our mansion in Werribee in December, right near my birthday. I'd go see it, but it is too much money for a gal like me.

evalinn said...

Hey G-man, I was wondering where u had run off to! Golfing, huh? I´m glad u had fun, have a great week!

Charles said...

Island Girl was another about one of his female flames. I always found his Blue Eyes a nice tune, although to think it may have been a guy...

Saturday Nights Alright for Fighting would be an interesting one to know about.

Have a good week, G.

Strumpet said...

C'mon, Galen...

You be Elton John and I'll be Kiki Dee!


You start!

...Don't go breakin' my heart...


I couldn't if I tried!

...Honey, if I get restless...

Baby, you're not that kind!


But, really, Galen.

I bet the story behind the Brown Dirt Cowboy is WAY more interesting...

Get it?


Seriously, though.

I'm gonna go grow-up now.

Nighty-night, G-ster.

Queenie said...

Raining here also, but it is England. So nice to hear you had a good weekend, its great when family meet up. Really like some of Eltons music, thanks for the info.

Top cat said...

I was stationed in Oscoda for a year before shipping out overseas.
It was great I got to drive home almost every weekend.
I remember seeing the Amboy Dukes not too far from the base.

I like the early Elton stuff, Tumbleweed connection being one of them.


G-Man said...

I assume you are talking Funnel Cakes at the Nebraska state Fair?
Be careful out on the prairie...xoxox

Hi Snow,
I'm glad that some good memories were brought back...Thanks sweetie xox

A December birthday?
Mines the 10th, what day is yours ?

Hey I thought you ran off for the week-end too!
Glad you are back..xox

When I went to see him, Saturday Night was his encore tune...And it rocked the house!, maybe I should look that up..

God, I love you..xoxoxox

Yay, you are back!!
I'll have to travel to England to read all about you...Thanks, sure have missed you..xoxox

Top Cat,
I did know this about you, and I did think about you a few times, maybe your ears were burning...Thanks...G

Strumpet said...


Ambre said...

You are a fortunate man to have so many friends...