Thursday, August 23, 2007

Haircut HNT


SeaRabbit said...

I'm first???

SeaRabbit said...


SeaRabbit said...

I'm in shock...
Not about your haircut...lololol... which seems quite nice, actually, no matter your doubtful face... but about nobody having run here before me!!
Happy early HNT!
Mine will be tomorrow, and probably late...

Serena Joy said...

I know it's still a shock to your system, but remember, it WILL grow back. And it looks darn nice!xox

lime said...

you look a little saddened by it all. oh those big sad puppy eyes are just killin me....


J Morgetron said...

Oh my golly. You look quite handsome.

*bats eyelashes*

jillie said...'re looking mighty scrumptious!

Yay for searabbit!

mr ratburn said...
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Snow White said...

I know you're not crazy about it, but I like it! But it's not your hair that makes you HOT! xoxox

MONA said...

Galen!...You look Like...


I don't see any difference.

You are just the same.


dickiebo said...

What a man! I've copied this photo into my album for future use on my blog. Must say, though, does remind me of 'Baldilocks'.

evalinn said...

U look very distinguished today! :-) Get your 3D glasses and come over to my blog for HNT! :-)

G-Man said...

Blogger has been out of action, so I couldn't comment..But I get out of work at 6 tonight, so I'll answer all comments tonight...Thanks see y'all later xox

barman said...

What the hell did you do? That does not look like the G-man I know. What did you do with G?

It looks different and I will get used to it. What, do you have another commercial that you will be appearing in? Is this the new aerodynamic look for the times you ride your bike with a police escort so you do not need to wear a helmet?

OK, it is starting to grow on me, I think.

Cazzie!!! said...

Very nice indeed Galen

Charles said...

Gee G.
You look like a fine respectable citizen, like a fine respectable car salesman... wait, is that an oxymoron? :)
Actually, it looks good and appropriate on you. You should keep it.

gab said...


snowelf said...


My jaw is dropped.
You're like a whole new breed of handsome. :)


Top cat said...

you're hiding the ponytail right?
lol..just kidding, you look like Mr Cool dude.:)

DarkAngel said...


It looks just fine!! Your motorcycle's not going to think you wanna be a biker anymore ... but you look great!


jadey said...

Hey there G-man you are one handsome man. Oh by the way my 55 is up enjoy!!!

Crabby said...

I'm actually liking it. It's totally sexy.

tkkerouac said...

I love the fresh look, Happy HNT!

Strumpet said...

Oh my God, Galen!

I love it!!

SignGurl said...

Galen, you look too hot for words. I love it!!!

G-Man said...

Thanks Jo,
1st time being 1st..xox

Thanks Serena,
I'll just keep telling myself that..xox

It's been with me for soooo long!

Thanks sweetie..xox

You make me smile, Thanks honey.xox

Lady Di,
You are soooo nice to me!

Thanks, but I feel different!

I may not want to remember myself like this!
But Thanks anyway...

Thanks for your award, I'm very honored, and your HNT was HOT!!!

Yep. You are right about that, my hair will NOT be blowing in my eyes for awhile!!

Thanks Cazzie..xoxoxox

I'm still a freak inside I hope!
Appropriate?...Good Word!

I know, SHOCKING!!!
Thanks sweetie..xox

You DO have a way with words Baby..xoxox

Top Cat,
I wish!!!

Awww Erin,
You just made my Day!!!
Thanks Angel..xoxox

It's NOT Friday yet!!
Jeez, your worse than me!
Of course I'll read it xoxox

YOUR totally sexy!!!!!!

Hi Tracy,
My loyal Friday visitor!!
HHNT to you too.xoxox

You'd love me if I were bald, but thanks sweetie.
You are a true friend..xox

You Rock Baby...
Thanks for everything that you do for me..
I'd be lost without you!

Rebicmel said...

I think the haircut is marvelous and suits you.


Rebicmel said...

My flash is up even though it is early

Stealth said...

I like your haircut!!!! silver is my favorite :)

G-Man said...

Hey Missy,
Thanks for stopping by, I'll check you out!!

Wow....Welcome to the Jungle. Thanks for stopping by, I'm very honored...
And thanks for the kind words...Galen

Little Wing said...

Oh my god! They cut your hair and make a pussycat outta you!
LOL you look so cute!

ann said...

W O W... cooooooool man

now you look all grown up

wasn't it high maintenance before?

lotsa luv ann xxxxx