Sunday, August 26, 2007

Friday Night Lights Out..........

OK, by now I'm sure most of you have heard on the news about our "excitement" last Friday?
...Let me recap it for you. At about 4:30 PM I left work early to take my son Reese to his school, so he could suit up to play in his High School's Marching band for that evenings game. Since I had just came straight from work and still had my work stuff on, I wanted to go home and put on more casual attire .As soon as I dropped him off at 5:30, the sky got black, the rain came down in sheets, and all the sirens started blaring. The game did not start until 7, so I decided to stay home and read a few 55's before going to the game. About 6:15 the phone started ringing off the hook..."Galen, are you OK?"..."Galen, is the store OK".....It seems that a news bulletin came on saying that a tornado had touched down in Fenton, and a building near US-23 and Owen Rd. had been destroyed. Now, I started to freak out a bit since all my co-workers are there till 6 on Fridays, so I called my boss, and he assured me that they were OK...
So about 6:55, the sky started to clear up, and it stopped raining, and since we live about 20 miles from Fenton, our power unaffected and the game went on. As a matter of fact, it was a great night for football, and it didn't rain a drop the whole night..Now since I was scheduled for work on Saturday, I got up as usual about 8:30 and started to get ready. Just then My phone rang, and a fellow employee called and asked if I was coming in to work. I said of course why?
He said that 90% of Fenton was without power, and that the National Guard had been called in, no one was allowed into town without proper proof of residence, and there was a curfew..
Furthermore, he said that I should come to his house, and bring every cooler that I have because, he had power, but none of his relatives did, and since they are all hunters they wanted to give away all the venison that they had in their freezer, since Bow Season starts on Oct 1st..
They all figured to replenish soon enough since the deer around here are as plentiful as Rats.
So I headed to his home with my coolers, and the scene that I witnessed was like out of a disaster movie...Barns leveled, Garages smashed, 100 year old trees uprooted like weeds being plucked from a garden, it was horrific!!!..Oddly enough, no one was injured, our dealership went unscathed (including all our vehicles), and traffic was moving along quite well...
The twister just hopscotched along on it's merry way, leaving terror and destruction wherever it touched down...Lets never again talk about luck eh?......And BTW, I now have a freezer full of corn-fed back-straps, tenderloins, burger, and sirloin steaks...Merry Christmas Galen!!!!
So thank you all for you concern, I am fine, our store is fine, and all is well on my end of it!!
You are all very kind and careing to the G-Man...Much Love...... Peace!


snowelf said...

Galen!! So glad you are okay!!!


G-Man said...

CONGRATULATIONS to the Birthday Girl!!!!!!!!
Dangerously Older..
Thanks baby..xoxox

dickiebo said...

Dickybird says; check out G-Man on

dickiebo said...

Sure glad you (and of course 'yours') are OK, G-Man.

snowelf said...

Thanks Galen. :)
Ugh! I am dangerously older.
BUT also,

dangerously WISER.


love you!

javajazz said...

it surprises me
that even when there is
the threat of a tornado
you guys will STILL
play football,
no matter what!
glad you're okay
mr blowitall....

(nice tribute DB...very sweet.)

G-Man said...

What an honor you have bestowed upon me indeed!!
You are a man of great wisdom and honor, and I find you to be most endearing...
Thanks for the great tribute...YOU ROCK!!!!

You are wise well beyond your young years!!
Thanks for always finding the time to visit me...Galen xox

You are possibly one of the most careing and gentle, and fiercly protective people that I know..You are extremely clever, sharp as a tack, and A loving Human Being!
It's an honor that you even give me the time of day, and I know it!
I know that you visit me daily, and even if you are commenting, deleting, or just kibbutzing, I don't know what I would do without you in my life...
Thanks Yenta, for being my friend...xoblintzbreathxoxox

javajazz said...

wow, tornado must have
messed you up, hairless G-man!
yes, it wouldnt be the first time
i've been accused of lurking.
its what i do.
its my area of expertise,
among other things.
i love the study of human nature.
actually, the many times i visit
but do not comment,
should be seen
as a blessing in disguise.
you make me love you...
anyone with even half a heart
cant help but love you, G-baby.
may the kindness and care
you show towards others
come back and shine upon you
a kabillion times more.

javajazz said...

...and i dont
visit you daily,
i visit you hourly.

(yes, i know, i should get a life.)

G-Man said...

Why is lurking looked upon negatively?
We all were lurkers before we got our own blog...
Personally, I love it!!
So There...xoxox

Ambre said...

I'm glad to hear of no fatalities.


lime said...

it is just insane what tornados can do and how one place is levelled and next door is untouched. so glad you are fine. i've got a terrific recipe for those backstraps if you want it...

gab said...

Galen!! I'm so glad your ok. I only hear about the storm going through that area this A.M. My thoughts ran of course to all my Mich blogger friends. As I do not know where all are for sure I was a little worried. Glad to know you are a ok. xoxoxox

DarkAngel said...

Yay Galen!!!!! Luck be a lady!!! So glad you and your friends and family and co-workers are all safe and sound.

And yes, merry christmas in august to the G-Man!!


DarkAngel said...

Greg wants to know if we should make a trip up to MI to get some of that venison before it spoils.


G-Man said...

Upstate Ambre..
Thank You, all is well!

One of YOUR recipe's?
Of course..xoxox

We all are well thanks sweetie..xo

You guys travel up here to see me?
Hell Yes I got a Backstrap for you!!!
Thanks baby..xoxoxox

Rebicmel said...

Galen, glad y'all are all okay.
It's horrible what twisters can do!!!.

G-Man said...

Hi Missy,
I'm sure you've seen plenty of Twister Trouble....Thanks.xox

Serena Joy said...

I was so relieved to hear you and yours were okay. I know things are a mess right now in Fenton. Hopefully, that won't last too long. Be careful out there!

javajazz said...

not everyone looks upon lurking
as anything negative...
i suppose it just depends
on one's psychological makeup and all....
i suppose the question should be
why is it called lurking?
i was under the impression
it was wise to be
a silent observer...
again, this all depends
upon one's perception.

Little Wing said...

Galen, so glad you survived that mess!
I heard about it on the news.
Oh and wow, Santa came to your house early, yummy yummy yummy!!!!!!
Hugs xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

javajazz said...

i dont want to start trouble here,
but doesnt it seem a bit
ironic (or probably some other
word that is way more suitable)
that Santa would be handing out
"deer" for Christmas?

javajazz said...

sweet, soft, gentle, graceful

G-Man said...

Hi Serena..
Boy am I glad to see you!
You need to be more careful around boats sweetie...
Thanks for your kind words..xoxoxbgxoxox

I think lurking is a wonderful word!!
Big Deal..xoxox

Hi Jadey,
Thanks for the thought!
You Rock!!!
Loved your Bike trip pics baby..xoxox

Yes, it's all part of God's bounty..xobigmacxoxo

Serena Joy said...

I know, babe. I honest to God will be more careful next time. In fact, I might even refuse to get on one again any time soon. I'm glad to see you, too!:)

cathouse teri said...

Wow. All I know is that I am glad to have finally found Mr. Know It All!

MONA said...


There was a tornado out there?

..& I thought there was just one...

..inside me...

javajazz said...

aah, God's bounty, of course!

response #1:
well, you sure cant argue with God....

response #2:
tell that to the deer....


jim said...

I am almost ready for bow season this year. I still need to shoot my bow and make sure it is all sighted in, other than that I am looking forward to it.

Did you get in new gear for the season yet?

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