Thursday, August 9, 2007

Friday 55.......

She looked unbelievably HOT for being 60!
She sat down, bought me a drink, and asked....
"Ever had a Sportsmans Double"?
I said...."Whats that"?
She replied....."A mother and daughter three-some silly"...

I slammed my drink and said....Lets go"!!!

....Her place was quiet.
....She unlocked the door and yelled,
"MOM....You up"?


Rebicmel said...

Roflmao I will go to be laughing over this one. I wonder how old her mother was.......great great 55 oh twister of endings

Rebicmel said...

BTW I am the first and second too. What I meant to say is I will go to bed laughing over this one

MONA said...


GALEN You are incorrigible!

& I was going to do the daugter mom thing today too!!! This IS so much of a coincidence...guess I will do it some other time now!

MONA said...


There is a virus getting into our templates.Please read Serena's blog.

MONA said...

& Galen!... this one is disappearing too!!!

G-Man said...

Glad you enjoyed!!

Go ahead, there is room!

S said...

OMG that is hilarious!
Very very well done sir, and as you know, I am not up yet because it is still Thursday you hoser.

G-Man said...

I happen to know that you had yours wrote on Tues!!
Come on!
Although your 55 was unbelievable!!!!
Thanks xoxoxox

javajazz said...

you funny.

G-Man said...

I just finished commenting on your post!

Serena Joy said...

LOL! Funny 55. I can't figure out why they disappear on Mona. It's like the Bermuda Triangle of Blogdom.:)

J Morgetron said...

Now that's the scariest story I've heard in a while ... But I like it! (I'm a very scary girl.)


DarkAngel said...


explain the friday 55 to me sometime, will ya?


Snow White said...

G-Man, This may be your best yet! LOLOL I love it! You really DO know it all! xoxo

J Morgetron said...

Hey G --

I'm going to bed. My 55 is up, but Susie's not takin' early entries tonight. I wanted to tell somebody. So I'm tellin' you.

G-Nite G-man,

J Morgetron said...


javajazz said...

thats funny, Galen Lee,
that it was the exact same time!
i wrote more over there...

MONA said...

Galen! why You!... WHACK!!

I never meant That!!!!

SERENA!!! you hit it spot on! It sure sounds like a Bermuda Triangle jinxing away!! It did that again just now!

G-Man said...

Hi Serena,
Speaking of the Burmuda Triangle, it sounds like you visited there today.

Thanks for the Heads Up!!
You were officially noted!...And a great job!

Thanks for being such a great friend...Galen loves you very much!!

Hi Angel,
I wrote about it on your post!
Thanks for stopping by..'
I love your visits!!

dickiebo said...

I guess G-Man is just like water - will tend to find his own level! Can just hear you now, "Hi there, Momma".

evalinn said...

Can´t read the post right now (maybe my computer is just slow), but in the meantime u can come pick an award up at my place!

G-Man said...

Thanks Son, I appreciate your daily visits, you are always quite gracious!

You are soo beautiful, Inside and Out, Thanks sweetie..xoxoxox

barman said...

I had a funny feeling that is where this was heading. Thank you so much for the fun times and a nice smile for the day.

I have something up finally. Have a wonderful day start to a great weekend G.

MONA said...

Galen...I played too. You can check it out now!

Hey!!! It is still disappearing!

Ambre said...

I am UP Mr. Knowitall!

My first one, so please be nice to me!


Ambre said...

Sorry, in all my excitement I plum forgot to comment on your 55!
After reading mine, you'll see why I love yours! You've just gotta love them double entendres!


javajazz said...

i'm glad you enjoyed my depression 55,
created at your request...
yours still makes me giggle,
funny man...

Irish Mama said...

Brilliant, as ever, G-man! F-ed up, but brilliant. I played.


Charles said...

Hmmm. Doesn't say you turned around...

Breazy said...

LOL! Reminds me of a joke about an innocent girl who marries a man that was injured in the military. When it is time to consummate the marriage the daughter keeps running down the stairs saying "Mom , he is taking his socks off, what do I do", of course the mom tells her to just go on up and it will be okay. A few minutes later the daughter comes running down the stairs and says "Mom, he has a foot and a half, what do I do" and the mom says "Move over honey, this is something mommy needs to take care of"! LOL!

How are you G? I am good here, just trying to get things in order before I start my new job at the hospital in a week. I apologize for not visiting more but I have been really busy and taking care of my husband because he was terribly sick for a couple of weeks with a kidney stone and the worst stomach virus I have ever witnessed. School just started back here too so that has kept me busy as well.

You have a good weekend!


oh yeah, I love your HNT pic from yesterday! Love ya!

lime said...

ROFLMAO!!! expectations dashed were they? HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Flash said...


that was soooooo sweet!

by far the best of them all this week!

barman said...

Hey G-Man, there are two virgins lurking over at Susies ... I see Ambre stopped by here too. But there is another if you have the time (like that happens when it is good riding weather out).

SignGurl said...

Ok, that is undoubtedly the best one you have ever written!!!

Ahem, my mom's not even 60 yet...

G-Man said...

Thanks for the heads up, I've been checking them out...

You did a 55?
I'll be right over..xox

Welcome to the Jungle!!!
I've already been to your place..,,.
Thanks for visiting and come back anytime!!

Thanks sweetie

Irish Mama...?
I'm F'ed up??
Not now but soon, very soon!

All Cats Are Gray In The Dark!

New Job?
Kidney Stone?
Jeez, I'm so sorry, I need to get out more.xoxox

It's been sooooo long!

Thanks brother, comming from you, thats a real compliment!!

You are sooooo right.

Thanks, and I think your Mom is Hot....xoxox

Ambre said...

You have not been to my place g-man, so I got you there! Guess you really don't knowitall after all!


You went to my photo gallery not the

There is no comment...


Ambre said...

So my Flash 55 sits all alone unnoticed by Mr. g-man


jadey said...

very funny there Gman. I look forward to next weeks. By the way my 55 is up

Ameratis said...

OMG that is hilarious!! I did one too but not nearly as funny as that one!

javajazz said...

oh boy.
(and no question marks, please!!)

Cazzie!!! said...

What, LOL, I am at work and you make me laugh like a dirty lady, hahaha too funny :) Thanks, I needed that

S E E Quine said...

` Aaaaaa haaaa haaaaaaaaaa!!! Not looking in my mind! Not looking!!!

` BTW, have I remembered to tell you about the aliens? Theys nicer to look at than really really old ladies.

G-Man said...

Mission accomplished!!

Thanks for the heads up!!

Another GREAT 55!!!!!
I hope anyone seeing this, goes and Visits YOUR POST!!!

Hi Lisa!!!!
Exlamation marks OK???

Hi sweetie, I hope your feeling better..xoxox

See Quine,
I'm almost afraid to look, but of course I will...
(takes a deep breath, and clicks)
Wish me luck!!!

HAR said...

I like the comment from Charles. "It doesn't say you turned around."

ann said...

you are a very funny guy...
I must tell my mother this one
oy vay

snowelf said... are a prime evil genius sometimes!!
I totally busted out laughing!!That was SO awesome!!

love ya!

tsduff said...

EWWWW!!!! you are hilarious Galen - good one!