Saturday, June 16, 2007

I'm It...........

I've been tagged by the delicious Searabbit...
I have to list 8 weird things or habits about myself..
Then I'm supposed to tag 8 other people.
I'll do the list, but I don't know 8 bloggers
that has not been tagged now or before...Sorry Jo!

1. Even though I own a motorcycle, I have NEVER been on or ridden a snowmobile!

2. I have not puked since the age of 12, my 17 year old son has not puked since 4..
Both of us hate pukers, and all talk of puke!!!!!

3. I have never had a broken bone or cavity in my life!

4. I hate with a passion.... liver, and canned peas.Although I love Braunsweiger,
Pate', and liver sausage...I also love frozen or fresh peas!!

5. I have been a Diabetic and insulin dependant for 12 years....
When I went to the hospital in 1995, in the throes of an attack,
my blood sugar was 1060...I was in ICU for 3 days on a direct insulin drip!

6. I have been to all contiguous 48 states..( never been to Alaska or Hawaii )
But I never left the state of Michigan, until a trip to Toledo at age 18..

7. When I see a man in public wearing flip-flops....I want to 'bitch-slap' him!!!
Men should only wear them in a public at a camp-ground or YMCA!

8. I have flown places many times, but I prefer to drive anywhere I go..
I do NOT have a fear of flying..I just hate airports, metal detectors, and customs!
I enjoy driving my own car, marveling at the beautiful scenery of North America,
and stopping at places off the beaten path....
Wall Drug
The Corn Palace
Ruby Falls
Mystery Spot
Hot Springs
The Dells
All Civil War Battlefields
All National Parks
Arthur Bryant's Famous BB-Q
The Hog's Breath
Sloppy Joe's

Thanks Jo for giving me the idea for this post, And everybody else.....
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!......Galen


pinkhippo said...

Yes! I am first... lol

pinkhippo said...

Blue is a Diabetic and insulin dependant for the past 5 years. Health is wealth, take care!

Happy Father's Day, Galen.. :)

MONA said...

above 1000 sugar level! & you claim to eat all that you do? You are kidding me!

That is Coma level!!!!

stop riding at once & go walking!!!

lime said...

cool list of stuff. i am very glad to know we agree on liver and canned peas. this is important.

happy father's day

javajazz said...

your flip flop phobia put me into fits of giggles.
people are so weird
(about their likes and dislikes!)
and no cavities...oh how i envy you...!
(Lime too...)
have a nice Michigan michigoss day...

G-Man said...

Pink Hippo!!!!
Nice to see you again!

That was 12 years ago!
My sugar was 123 this morning....xoxox

No doubt..
That stuff is crap!!

I'm glad I could make you giggle...
You make me smile...lots!

Manny said...

Oh, I just remembered something.

Serena Joy said...

Blech! Canned peas! I say we get up a movement to ban them.:) I'm with you -- I'd much rather drive than fly. When you drive, getting there is more than half the fun. Flying these days is just ... a pain.

You wouldn't bitch-slap me for my sequined flip-flops, would you?:-)

Anonymous said...

Very cool list g-man.
No broken bones or cavaties, how in the hell did you do that?
Happy Father's Day bud.

Anonymous said...

Well... we are still learning a few things about you!!
And thank you for playing!

Snow White said...

Your list brought a bright spot to my otherwise dreary (and rainy) Saturday morning! xox

javajazz said...

i know, TC...thats just wild...
my sisters have no cavities either...
i hardly have any teeth left!
the broken bones?
thats just luck..!
how do you spell keneina hora Gman?
(mr knowitallyiddish?)

G-Man said...


Serena Joy,
I'd love seeing your toes!
I'd pay you to wear flip flops.....xoxoxox

Lucky I guess!!
And lots of milk!!!
Have a great fathers day!

Your wish is my command..
Anything for you..xoxoxo

Glad to be of service...
Thanks for stopping by Baby!!..xoxox

Hey, do I look like a Goyum?
I'm not quite that multi-lingual...
But thanks sweetie..xoxox

Serena Joy said...

LOL, G. Then I'd better make sure my toes are clean and my toenails painted. Um, how much?:-)

G-Man said...

I'll even pay you to let me paint them..
Looks like you are getting big money to let me be your Foot Bitch..
Really....No Really!!!!

Serena Joy said...

Oooo, my very own Foot Bitch. I love it!:-)

S said...

More food, arghhh!!

Men should also not wear tank tops in public unless they looked like tanned hairless gods.

I have been to both Hawaii AND Alaska for you, ok?
I have been to almost all of the states except for the ones which dont like them damn hippies!
I have done the weird list....we all have. You are weird too. Welcome.

G-Man said...

Serena? Your killin me here....I love it..xoxox

You are a hippy?
You sure are welcome in Michigan..xoxoxox

Serena Joy said...

Okay, you don't have to be the Foot Bitch. I don't want to kill you.:-)

javajazz said...

what states dont like them damn hippies?

do you look like Goyim?
i dont know...
i've never seen you in person!

Anonymous said...

Jesus!! I got a slave!!! ROFL!!!!
It's Master who won't find it funny... but "whispering here" He is my slae too... I kow it, but won't let him know... ;-))

S E E Quine said...

` You could tag me, Galen! I have many more than 8 weird things about me!

` You know, I've been to Wall Drug and Corn Palace, too! I had my cat with me. We also watched Old Faithful together, before it stopped being faithful.

` And yuck on canned peas and liver!

` Also, I think you'll be amazed by my movie trailer!

MONA said...

GALEN! Happy Father's day!

& I am waiting to hear what your little boy & your little big girl planned for you :)

Phain said...

i've never had liver and i don't ever plan on trying it.


p.s. old digs still exist - by invitation - email me and i'll invite ya ;)

G-Man said...

Serena, I want to be, It's just an expression!!

If you wanna be tagged,
BOOM!!!! You are tagged!!
I'll be over to give you the rules....
I'll watch the Trailer already!!!!!!!!

You don't remember the night that we........?

You act like a slave...
but we know..*wink*
Thanks Jo, I've had a lot of fun with this. xox

They want to take me to a restaurant called the Red Lobster, but it's my day, and I want to stay home and BB-Q..xoxox

One of my very first serious blogs that I read most everyday...
I'll try and shoot you an E-Mail....Galen xox

Serena Joy said...

Well, I can never say no to a man who says please, so okay. What exactly does a Foot Bitch do?:-)

javajazz said...

yes, of course i remember THAT evening,
but i believe i had my eyes closed...
(plus i was in a different country
than you were...)
were you speaking Yiddish that night?
i forget!

G-Man said...

I puts the lotion on the skin, or I get the hose again!!!
Then I massage your pressure points that relax you and clear up your sinuses...
Then I sit there quietly as you doze off from complete relaxation!!!
Sound good Serena?

Obviously a memorable occasion!!
I'm such a Yutz!!!

Serena Joy said...

It sounds heavenly, G. You're hired!:-)

G-Man said...

I Got the job....xoxox

evalinn said...

Very good info G-man, #1 is a real bummer! I hate to puke too, though did as late as last year, but only because I really, really had to...

snowelf said...

1. I was only on a snowmobile when I was too little to remember.

2. Let's not talk about it.

3. You're very lucky!!

4. Frozen or fresh veggies are THE BEST!!

5. Take VERY good care of yourself. Snicker's daddy died from complications of diabetes because he was too lazy to put in any effort to care about himself.
And wear your helmet! And shoes! :)

6. How cool!! I think where I live now, is the most West I have ever been...I guess I'm just an east coast girl... ;)

7. That is funny! You would freak at my school. Flip flops are the "in" thing here.

8. I also LOVE driving!! I would rather drive anywhere!! I can't wait to get my new vehicle and a portable DVD player so the chilis and I can take more vacations!!

snowelf said...

p.s. happy father's day Darling Galen!

SignGurl said...

You live in Michigan and have never been on a snowmobile? That's IS weird!

I haven't puked in two months. Does that mean you still like me?

Happy father's day!!!

P.S. I'm coming over for BBQ, G-Man style!

Charles said...

Puking is the natural tequila limiter. That's just one reason its fun. Harder to kill yourself with it.
Wish I could say that I hadn't puked for so long, in all seriousness.
Also wish I could say the same as you on the broken bones. You've been blessed in many ways, weird.
Sorry about the insulin thing.

Happy Father's Day, Galen.

MONA said...

& did you know...[now that you mention BBQ] that raw papaya pulp is an excellent meat tenderiser, & gives an excellent added flavour to the meat. Just try this, & you will thank me! It is a secret of the Mughal Indian Dishes that I am leaking to you. It makes your meat more succulent & it cooks within just a few minutes over the charcoal or in the oven.But the taste is very special! You just might get powder of raw papaya in some Indian store there.But the fresh raw Papaya is the best.

javajazz said...

why, did i get the wrong occasion?
hey at least i remembered your name!!

you're such a good daddy,
i bet your kids adore you!
have a great day...
you're workin the BBQ arent you!!
i used to love simple BBQ's on my
birthday...its so summery and fun!
have a great day!

i'm baking my grandma's old cookies
for my dads birthday today...
its also my sisters son's 12th bday today
so we're all going to my sisters
and making dinner for our F-day
and B-days!

though if i were in Michigan, i'd sneak on
over to your party cuz i know it'd be
tons of fun!! have a great time!


Queenie said...

Galen, Happy Fathers day.
Glad that your managing your sugar now, it must be a bitch when you love your food?

G-Man said...

Thanks for the well wishes, and thanks for being such a loyal reader. You add a lot of class to my place..

How very lucky I am to have had you stumble over to my blog..Your a great writer, and a lot of fun..Thanks...xoxoxox

You are doing great on the regurgitation thing, keep up the good work!!!

Charles my man, Thanks for the well wishes...
I drink a bit, but I really prefer Herbal Solutions, maybe thats why I have the 'cast iron stomach'...

Mona dear,
As you know, I love to cook!! I have never heard of that tip, but I do know that you have 1st hand knowledge of the restaurant business!
So that means that I am now obsessed with this phenomena, until I check it out!!! Thanks, xoxoxo

You would not have to sneak anywhere, you are always welcome wherever I am at....
Just bring some cookies!
You're so sweet and positive always to me, I don't know what I'd do without you...xoxox

G-Man said...

Hi Queenie,
I sure have to careful about the booze and carbs!
My favorite stuff!!!
Thank You so much for the well wishes..xoxox

javajazz said...

i would only sneak
to quietly steal away
from where i be
to where your bbq-ing party ass be...
happy day mr knowit.
i'm on potato salad now
and the fresh ontario strawberries
have been sliced up ready to go
on top of the nice plain cheesecake...
if you havent tried an Ontario strawberry,
well, its gotta be the next best thing
to sex i figure.
and you can quote me on that...
k, back to the kitchen....
my cookies are good....predominantly
ground up pecans, a nice tender crispy one
with cinnamon sugar on top....suitably plain
for my father who likes simplicity.

bbq your buns off baby...

gab said...

Happy Father's Day!
I'll come back later to respond to your list.

G-Man said...

I would really like nibbling on your cookies!

Hi Gabby,
I sure hope you had a great day..xoxoxox

barman said...

Hey G, I am not far behind you. I think I have only been on a snowmobile about 3 times and it was probably almost 40 years ago. As to the motorcycle, only been one one and burnt my leg on the exhaust. So I am limited all the way around.

It has been a long time since I was a puker other then a little ... in the mouth type thing.

Fractured a wrist, several cavities but now for the longest time. I personally kept the dairy industry on business while I was growing up. There was only 4 of us and we went through a gallon of milk a day. Oh dear, that last sentence said a gallon of milf a day. Strange way to measure a person.

Liver, cooked spinach, yuck. I am not a fan of frozen peas but I will eat them. I like canned and fresh peas. Oh and no to liverworst too.

I have been diabetic for a few years but it was not so bad and I have not slipped over into type 1.

I think I have only been into 19 states. I have some catching up to do. We did not travel much so I have only been to Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio before I turned 18.

Are sandals OK?

I have flown a bit but I do like to drive instead. You miss so much by flying. Hey even tonight when I was coming home from Detroit, it just felt wonderful just wizzing along. It just felt like it was perfect to be riding along. I kind of hated to head home ... especially when I came home to a 90f house. Yikes. I have not been to many interesting places however.

Hope you had a great day there G-man.

javajazz said...

and i wouldnt mind sampling
a bit of your roast pig...

jillie said...

You would hate CA then...EVERYONE lives in flip Yes, even ME!