Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hail to the Victors.......

Hi everybody! G-Man here. This is going to be short and sweet. Yesterday, Mrs. G and a girlfriend of hers, flew to Europe to see our daughter Mandy. She will be gone for 2 whole weeks.
Then finally, Mandy flies home to stay, on June 2nd. She has already informed me that she and 4 other students, will be sharing a house for her senior year at U/M......
The first thing out of my mouth was..."Are you close enough to the stadium, for me to park at your place for the football games"? Speaking of which..............

This week I sent in my season football ticket renewal letter with the money owed.....
TWO tickets...the same two seats that I've had for 30 years....are costing me $800.00!!
Thats on top of the $125.00 per seat surcharge that I had to pay in February to even get the renewal form sent to me!!..THAT my friends comes to a grand total of $1050.00 for my two seats! Yes, there are 8 games this year. And yes we play, Oregon...Notre Dame...Penn State, and
The Buckeyes at home, but when I was a student I had much better seats, and two tickets in 1972 cost me $36.00...For TWO FUCKING SEATS!!!!.....FOR SIX FUCKING GAMES!!!

..........My last name is NOT Trump!!!.....I'm going to bed, G'Nite All!!... Peace


MONA said...

Yikes.. some inflation!!

How many times does that make it?

& you won't give up that (stupid) match still!!

I would hike my saree & kick it off like football...there it goes...flying into space...

Those THUGS!!

PS> WHERE IS TOPCAT?????????????????

MONA said...

hey Galen, your last sentence [in bold letters] makes the game sound like some Ancient Greek Orgy!The F*** word !! :D

No offence *joking*

Well fottball is anyday better than watching a cricket match! Man I hate it!that cricket match!

Do you hve betting in America with these matches going on. In India there is a lot of gambling & money put at stakes over the cricket match, which allows for Match fixing at times.See? corruption has seeped in games too..

But I guess that is nothing new...
The way they made galdiators fight in ancient arenas: Man against man; man against animals!

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

Gman, enjoy your game and happy to know that your daughter will be back home soon.
have a nice weekend

G-Man said...

Mona, I have sat with the same people for many years, and I noticed that several did NOT renew last year!
...But come on, It's my ONLY vice!
I hate Cricket also!

Yes Pink Ginger, soon all will be back to normal..Thanks..xoxox

javajazz said...

now Mona, i'm not certain that G-man could stand all that excitement of you hiking your saree up to kick that
match into outer space! he's still getting over those photos of you!

G-pappa...! Amanda's coming home! that's awesome! thats so funny you asking her if she's close enough to the stadium for you to park there before a game, you chuzzer!
(thats yiddish for "you chuzzer"!)

was she living at your home the last time she was in Flint or already moved out?

soooo, 2 seats cost you 36 bucks 35 years ago? hmmm, you're starting to sound like an old person, bub!
go, enjoy your only vice! its gotta be better for you than diet coke...xo

lime said...

you once told me you bleed blue....i think your alma matter is trying to bleed you just to double check on that. gees, that's outrageous.

Serena Joy said...

Damn! That's a lot of money for those seats. The team had better come through and win every single game! That's great news that the girl child is coming home. I'm sure you'll feel better with her closer to home.

MONA said...

JJ, O I'm sure he got over much before he got to them...& besides they were just the sari displays. [I have put more to see].

G man...let Tops take a week more if it is honeymoon.Just tell me he is not sick, in a hospital or something like that! TELL ME!

javajazz said...

ha! i thought i saw some new blue colours there...! no, he hasnt gotten over your striking beauty, and never will...thats just G-man...loyal to a fault...

lets just send Tops some warm love and not load our thoughts up with anything to do with illness, shall we? it'll be good for him, and good for all that flows in our world! he'll be back, Mona, dont you worry! its bad for your health to stress so, though i know he will love your caring kindness and concern! think positive, and i bet we see him in a day or two...! xo

G-Man said...

Excuse me, Mona is gonna show some leg?
Oh I can handle that!
No JJ, she has only lived with us during the Summer the last 2 years.
She did live in a dorm in Ann Arbor...

Yeah Limey, Just cause you are an alumni, they think your loaded..
Things are tight!

Serena Joy, I'm very excited to see her, it'l balance out the family again. Thanks..xo

Ya know, As I look around me..Every woman on this post that has commented, is a Hot Tamale!!
Sometimes I think that I am the luckiest bastard on the planet!!
Thanks to you all Ladies!!
G-Man loves you all!! xox

cathy said...

I knew there was a good reason not to like the game.But I do feel for you.

SignGurl said...

So, is she going to be close enough?

javajazz said...

funny, Sign!
ya, bottom line
WILL that parking space
be available?

javajazz said...

Galen, you're so sweet,
all emotional about your
hot tamales and all...
i swear you're a reincarnation
of a yiddish grandma...
so warm
so welcoming,
(so meschugana)
(i dont even know
how to spell that!)

buddha_girl said...

Haaaaaaaaaaa! See? There's a price for EVERYTHING...including (shitty) seats at our alma mater's games!

I would have shelled out the cash as well!

The real question is this:
What was your daughter's answer?

G-Man said...

Cathy, some traditions are worth sacrificing for!....I guess.

JJ, I really don't know yet about her location..

Jenn, I don't know!!

Mushugeneh eh?

BG, your alive!!

MilkMaid said...

Daaaaaaaaaahhhuuummmm....yanno how many bottles of Patron that would buy? LOL

I bet you can't wait to see the girl kidlet!

ann said...

You sound like my men friends here... all bemoaning, but still paying through the nose for their Arsenal season tickets...


Anonymous said...

hey buddy, I'm back. Thanks for looking after my place.
I love Michigan football but....not that
Things are always relative and if it gives you enjoyment we make the sacrifices to get them.
I hope they have a great year.
For me, I have the best seat in the house, on my sofa in front of my 50" flatscreen with surround sound.:)

G-Man said...

Good Morning Milkmaid,
It's cool, gray and drizzley here, No Sunday riding here...
Hehehe...I Love Patron!
Have a great day sweetie.

Ann, I know that I shouldn't bitch about it, because I could just say NO!!
And is that team you mentioned, Soccer or Rugby?

Top Cat!!!
Thank God your back...
Hope you are all relaxed!

MONA said...



G-Man said...

See what I mean?

javajazz said...

oh, chill will you?

(yay! TC!!)

but NObody does Galen,
like Galen...


G-Man said...

Thats right JJ, I do myself quite often!!

javajazz said...

oh REALLY, now, mister Showitall!

hey, didnt you get a bit of sunshine
today so you could get out on the bike?

we got borderline storm, dark clouds and cool breezes here, but thankfully no rain yet...i want
no rain so when i drive out to the airport tonight at 'round midnight,
i might be able to know what a driving wimp i am...

so what fun are you up to today,
mr Galen does Galen?

G-Man said...

Lisa, it's just cold and dreary..
But a grand day for me and the boy to go see Spiderman 3...

Be careful going to the Airport...xoxoxox

javajazz said...

dont scare me!
i just forgot about the airport!
(actually, Poopy just emailed,
said hes at sacramento airport
ready to boogie...i wish they
could just fly takes
him like 12 days just to fly home
already!!!!! oy vay already!!!

you and THE BOY are going to see
spidey 3? i hear its great.
(i shall add it to my list of
movies i will never go see!)

you call him THE BOY?
have fun boys!

Queenie said...

I go away for a weekend and you spend how much????????????
Stop moaning you could have said NO, and you also know you will enjoy every moment of it......

Cazzie!!! said...

Pluck a duck!!! Blogger swallowed my witty comment, I shall never find more wit in my words ever again, LOL.
Then, then it came up with some google account telling me I was logged in as Jim..who the f%^$ is Jim?? PMSL
Last time I looked, I had boobs and ya know..vag smadge, hahaha.
You are a cracker, I bet your daughter said, "Ohhh Daaaadddd" When you mentioned the parking, hahaha.
Footy is expensive to go it here too esp if you have a family, it is just not family friendly the the TV has to do. It is not anywhere near as exciting as seeing it live tho.

G-Man said...

JJ, definately a movie you should miss...Yuck..Feh!

I heard you went to the beach?
Yeah, I save up all year for this!
Thats why I drink Iced Tea or Diet Coke..

Cazzie, all your comments are clever, don't fret..
Thanks for stopping by..xoxox

Strumpet said...

I would pay $1,050 to witness an ancient Greek orgy...

...but not a football game.

But, you know...that's just me.


xoxo, you

G-Man said...

Welcome back!!!!
Welcome back to your good frinds!
And the wonderful world of Bar-B-Que!!
Galen missed you terribly...

barman said...

Maybe if they would stop rebuilding the stadium every time you turn around it would not cost so much. :)

That is simply insane. Of course no sense in protesting it. If you do not buy the tickets there probably is a line in back of you waiting for the seat. I know I always consider it a treat to see a game in the BIG HOUSE. And the games... Notre Dame, Ohio State, possibly Penn State ... Well have a great time at the games at least.

G-Man said...

Thats the problem Bryan, there is a waiting list of 2-3 Thousand!!!
So They know they can demand it..

buffalodickdy said...

I live in MI, my kid graduated U of M, and you know someone else will take those tickets in a heartbeat! I know how you feel, but scalp a couple of games-probably pay for the year!