Thursday, May 24, 2007

Businessman HNT


barman said...


barman said...

I love the look g-man. You have several of them. You know, I do not know what it is but you SO could be a professor.

Looking good g-man, looking good. Happy HNT.

Strumpet said...

Damn it!

I turned off my computer for half an hour and started watching the movie Rushmore.

I came as soon as I got your comment, Galen.

I tried.

Second/third is still pretty good for a chick who's been outta the loop for three weeks.

Anyhow, I LOVE the picture.

It is quite elegant.

And I agree with look like a Professor!

Professor Galen.

Has a nice ring to it.


Serena Joy said...

Wow, don't you look like the distinguished gentleman. You DO look like you could be a professor.:)

barman said...

Strumpet, if you want I will delete mine and repost it bellow! I just could not believe the luck.

G-Man said...

Barman Wins!
I don't know what exactly, but he wins!
Good Job Bryan.

Strumpet, If I'm the professor, then where is my apple?
And about that extra credit assignment......

Serena Joy, I have my moments..Thanks Galen

Awww Strumpet, Ya gotta love that gesture....
You Did Good!!

javajazz said...

its true, you do have all these different looks about you!
i like biz man Galen too...
tres sexy...
i'd definitely buy a car
from you...
i'd even buy kreplach
from you.

S said...

Yes I think you look a lot more like a college professor than a car salesman!

Lookit how many comments you have already and you're not even naked!

barman said...

A Tim's sometime perhaps? Just could not resist. Off to lala land.

MONA said...



You look great!

& I like that look :)

tsduff said...

You clean up nice!

Cazzie!!! said...

Wolf whistles :)

Anonymous said...

You be looking cool dude.
Yes, I'd buy a car from this man, hell maybe even two.
Happy HNT bud

Anonymous said...

You look so professional! Great photo! HHNT!

G-Man said...

JJ, you are so kind!!
Can I bite your Blintz?

Susie, I'm NOT wearing any pants in this photo!
Does that count?

Thanks Mona..xoxox

Good Morning Terry..Always glad to see you!

Cazzie...Hi sweetie.
Love my little Aussi Girl!! xoxox

Mornin TC, What a great day eh?

Jeanniegrrl, Thanks for visiting, AND the kind words....Galen

SignGurl said...

Professor KnowItAll!!! I think I need some eduction. What can you teach me? Hmmmm......

tkkerouac said...

A cleaned up professor G-man, Happy HNT!!!

javajazz said...

oh, mr Showitall,
you make me laugh this morning
(re the no pants comment!)
and god knows i could use
a good laugh right now...
yes, you may bite my blintz...

Breazy said...

you look very nice g-man! Do you hate getting dressed up or are you one of those people that like to dress up every now and again, just curious?

Awesome pic..HHNT!

pinkhippo said...


You are so cool... just like your wallpaper! LOL

Ameratis said...

You are one good looking man :) I finally got out of training and I finally got the movie up LOL Have a great Thursday!!

Strumpet said...


How sweet is that?

So funny.

Thank you.

I think I kind of like having you on-top of me.



I have a whole bag of apples in my fridge... and I've always been big on Extra Credit assignments.

Especially math or english related.

And I would buy a car from you too. If I could afford one and if I wasn't embarrassed about having you look up my credit. We can just pretend.


...and I am laughing hysterically over here at 'can i bite your blintz?'

snowelf said...

Very spiffy Mr. Galen Sir. :) We love you all dressed to the nines!
Happy HNT!!


lime said...

you really are the man of a thousand faces aren't you? mild mannered car salesman by day, wild biker dude by night.

i like the smiles the best. you rock, gman, whether you're dressed up or down.


Manny said...

Dude! That's hot.

Manny said...

2nd. comment

Manny said...


Manny said...

Just trying to make up for lost time cause I have to go again.

gab said...

WOW BE STILL MY HEART! lol Great Picture.

Kristen said...

Happy HNT Darlin'

G-Man said...

You have been naughty!
Please stay after class today...xox

Hi Tracy, Thanks for stopping by!! xoxox

JJ, I'm quite sure that your Blintzes are sweet and juicy..MMmmmmmmmm.

Breazy, I can't greet customers in my leather.
Although I would like to!

Pink Hippo, Nice to see you sweetie..
I think you are cool..xox

Hi sweetie, I sure have missed you. I'll be right over..xoxox

Strumpet..I'd co-sign for you anyday!!!
Now about that extra credit....xoxox

G-Man said...

Snowelf, I like being clean cut ocassionally!
Thanks xoxoxox

Limey, I'm smiling right now..Everytime I see your beautiful face!!

Manny, Will you please stop pulling a Houdini?
Galen misses you xoxox

Gabby, come here baby, give ole G-Man a Big Hug!!

KJ, The Kentucky Inferno!
Smokin Hot!!! HHNT xox

G-Man said...

Any Body got their 55 done?

barman said...

You would mention the 55. I have something I should write up for work and have not done it. I have the 55 and have not STARTED IT. Time to go out for a TREAT THAT I SHOULD NOT HAVE and get started...

Oh and the dog ate my homework, can I get an extension?

javajazz said...

dont feel like doing one.
ps i'm back!

javajazz said...

my blintzes are sweet
but not that juicy...
either way,
you'll probably enjoy
snacking upon them...

go ahead and post your 55...
you're always chomping at the bit
thursday night...!


Hollz said...

Looking Good
Thx for the nice comment you left me.... HHNT
I like the background of your blog by the way


barman said...

OK, you shamed me. I did a quickie ... and my 55 is up.

G-Man said...

Hollz, thanks for stopping by. You are always welcome here.
I love Canadian women, don't I Tracy?

And JJ, don't I love Canadian women?
Don't I love Juicy Blintzes?
C'Mon, you know I do! xox

Barman, I'll post mine then be right over!!

javajazz said...

yes, you love all women...
i'll confirm that...
canadian, american, european,
british, jewish, italian, polish...
and the beat goes on....
mornin'...i know i'm on the "wrong"
post but whatever...
my kid wakes me at 5am after he's out all night, now i'm up too...xo

Queenie said...

Didn't know I had to tell suzie!!!

G-Man said...

JJ, ESPECIALLY Jewish Canadian chicks!! xoxox

Queenie, she is always to be told!
Unless she designates a listener for the week..
Give it another whirl..

pinkhippo said...


You call me sweetie? LOL

I am so happy, you make me feel young. :)

ann said...

w*o*w I thought I had come to the wrong blog... wot no leather ;>) then I wondered what movies I had seen this guy in... hmmmmm!!!!!

have a lovely lovely weekend

lotsa luv ann xxxx

G-Man said...

Pink Hippo, you are young!..And I think you are sweet!!.xoxox

Ann..You Rock my boat something fierce woman!!
Always an honor and a pleasure...
I'll try and enjoy myself....xoxox Thanks