Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Movie Star HNT


cathy said...

Insomnia has some benefits then!
First, by jove!
(Is that restrained enough?)

gab said...

I would buy a car from you! lol good one

jillie said...


I would probably buy anything from you g-man....


G-Man said...

This is the G-Mans blog.
No one ever said anything about restraint!

Thanks baby.

No you wouldn't!!!
But I bet I'd give you anything that you wanted.

lime said...

i'd buy a car from that last guy!


G-Man said...

Pick one out. It's yours!
Galen loves to Lime..

MONA said...

Congratulation to me!
For getting a chance to G-man in action [ NO PUNS INTENTED]

& to see the sky of Michigan, which my father so proudly talked about!

DarkAngel said...

Damn kiddo, you're a star!!!

Happy HNT gorgeous!!


Autumn Storm said...

Oooh, you look even better animated! :-)

There was I all set to catch up on what I've been missing, but I'm having issues this morning loading pages properly (no background on your writings, and black on black just doesn't work lol), so it'll have to wait. Bummer.


wmy said...

You are a rock star my man!!
You know, my car is making a ticking and whirring sound...wanna give a sister a deal??
You'll overlook my less than impressive credit rating right??
I would like a brand new SUV...but, I don't wanna pay more than 100 bucks a month...think we can work something out?

cathy said...

your own blog
G-Man said...
Thats the spirit Cathy!
A little self restraint is good. My daughter has the complete Kubrick Collection....

Tina's blog
G-Man said...
See! You should limit it to only one answer each, cause Cathy will hog up most of them....

Myself? I'll play fair, for now!

Enough said:)

barman said...

WhoHoo we have a celebrity among us. I kept waiting saying did I miss him and then there you were, batting clean up, bringing the baby home.

This is so much better then a Terry Hanks (competition) commercial any day.

G-Man said...

Mona, Your father has been to Michigan?
You should come too and visit me and TC...

Oh yeah I'm a star....
Thanks Angel, You're the Star!..xoxox

Awww Autumn, look on the bright side. In a few weeks, you get to see Jillie!!..In person!
London will never be the same...

You don't think I hear that every day?
But for you Wendy, we can work something out..

You mean...
Terry Hanks, Sundance Chevrolet?
Too much circus over there...Thanks Barman I appreciate the review.

Now Cathy...
On Tina's post those were very easy questions.
You comment 1st, and if you could have,( Ha ha ha) you would have answered all the questions.
So what do all the other commenters say?
Theres nothing left to say!

And on my post today, are there any questions?
What restraint did you have to show?
They don't have Midol in Greece?
Dang!..Get some sleep.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! This is a great HNT!

G-Man said...

Morning Searabbit..
A little action for once eh?
You have a HHNT!!

Anonymous said...

This has to be one of the most creative HNT's I've seen in a long time.
Great! Fantastico!

lime said...

do you have a nice little hybrid i could have for a song?

Ameratis said...

Can I have your autograph??

SignGurl said...

;) Looking good ;)

I'm with Jillie, you could sell me anything!

MONA said...

My Father was educated in Michigan University.
There is also a work on Micro Economics by him there in the archives.:)

I told you, how he was the part of the panty raid at a women's hostel. That was a true event.

tkkerouac said...

you are a star my man
Happy HNT!
I've been nominated for a couple of catagories on my blog, would you care to cast a vote???

Jodes said...

DUDE - that was awesome!!! you are so cute - I know - cute? awful to hear for most guys!! but it fits in this instance!!! love it!!!

heads up!!

Strumpet said...

Oh My God!

You're on YouTube!!

jillie said...

Well then I would buy you a drink ;o)

S said...

Wow Youre famous! I am leaving right now, oughta be at Vic Canover Chevrolet in about two days! Gimme a good deal!

Queenie said...

Gosh! your famous, this blogging world is really highlighting my social status.
Now why I'm here did you read my post about my cars, well first it started to blah, blah, blah, then you wouldn't belive it the blah, blah, blah, went BANG!!!!What do you think??????????

jillie said...

We should do a west coast caravan and bombard the g-man!

cathy said...

LOL, until a couple of days ago I was Tina's only visitor. I was just sticking my oar in before my brother got there.
As for restraint compare if you will:-
cathy said...
First, by jove!

If that's not restraint then I don't know what is.

Oh, biting the pillow might qualify!

Now hustle your bustle over to my place or you won't be in your fav spot:)

Queenie said...

Dash g-man, I got there before you.

Snowelf said...

Very nice to see you Galen!!! :)

Take care sweetie!

G-Man said...

Thanks TC.
But as always, I had nothing to do with this at all. I owe everything to Signgurl!!

Anything for you!

You are the one thats gonna be famous!!
You are very talented..

Thanks for making my life so wonderful...
I can never say enough...
I'm your slave. I remember the panty raid!
Hail To The Victors!!

I'll check it out!
Thanks sweetie!

Yeah, YouTube!
Is That Cool?

Jodi? Thanks for trying baby..I appreciate it!
xoxoxox Lady S,
I'd give you the family discount!
I really would too!
Thank You Susie, I got my 55 ready..

I can't be more famous than you. Ya know why?
Thanks for stopping by again..Lets do Lunch!
( I've never said that to anyone before )

That was one of the nicest gestures you have ever done for me.
I really like that stuff, and I thank you lots..
I see your Brit Bud, took great relish in beating me there!!!
Well the only thing that I like better, is losing out to a gloating woman!
And I do really mean that!!
So with Autumn, that makes 3 British Beauties that have graced my post today....

And It's so nice to see you again Snow-Elf...
Your so kind....Galen

You Reign Supreme!