Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pavlov's Dog......

What a grand and glorious day today was!! Has anyone seen a Robin yet? I had a post in mind for today, and while I was looking something up, I grabbed a book that I have owned for a long time. Hmmmmmmm

You know how certain sensory stimuli triggers certain memories? Well thats what happened to me today. Stuck in the middle of Roget's Thesaurus was an envelope. Inside the envelope was a picture of my old girlfriend. A picture and a poem... We went together for 4 years. She was the first love of my life. Her father was a Doctor, but a nice enough guy. Her Mom didn't like me much, but kept it to herself. But they had MY whole life planned out for me and I bolted...

In the long run it was probably best...for her! But I can't change time, and my two children are priceless to me so I'll never look back. But we had something special, and I set her free...

I used to be well read. I used to write a bit. But over the years I got real lazy thanks to Cable.

Reading this depressing little poem that I wrote years ago, drifted me back to a very turbulant era in America. And my life then.....Hey......I was young, cut me some slack...

I long for her comfort
Her beautiful face
Her loving arms
Her warm embrace
When passion owned us
We greeted the Dawn
Then Mindless Ecstacy
Was suddenly gone
Insatiable hunger
Unspeakable Pain
Incurable Loneliness
The recurring refrain
Floating aimlessly
In an endless sea
Throbbing Emptiness
Where my Heart used to be.

I still miss her..............G


lime said...

aww hon......those memories they do have a way of reaching out and grabbing you by the throat don't they? i hope she remembers you fondly and when memories of you cross her mind they make her smile.


G-Man said...

She probably hates my guts. I heard she married her old boyfrind.
But thank you Michelle.
You make me smile.....G

Autumn Storm said...

The younger you wrote some beautifully heartfelt words, reaching clear through time to take you back, but reaching across the waves in this era too. We all have one or two of those what-could-have-beens. Right or wrong, and since it helps calm I would have to say right, nice is the thought that things always work out for the best, as they should. Second Lime's thoughts, hope she looks back upon your time together with fondness and smiles.

barman said...

Actually I kind of like it. Sometimes it is fun to remember days gone by even if they may not be the most pleasant at times. I think you make a great word smith Galen.

I remember a letter I wrote way back in the 10th grade. My one mistake, I mailed it. You know, she still is not married... :)

G-Man said...

Autumn, you are ever so sweet. Thank you for your thoughts, I always love your soothing words.
You are one beautiful Brit!! xo Galen

Uh oh Bryan, how do you know this, and what does she look like?

barman said...

High School reunion and she was our prom queen... but I liked her for much more than that. Of course being in Colorado does put a kink in things.

Anonymous said...

Wow g-man that is a beautiful poem, very well written.
You are not only funny but a great writer as well.
Thanks for sharing this.

SignGurl said...

My heart just broke for the kid that wrote that poem. I'm a sucker for poetry. You are a talented hottie!

SignGurl said...

Are you saying you salivated when you thought of her?

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

Now I can feel the sentimental part of G-man and didn't know you can be romantic.
Very well written.
Sometime, just keep the sweet memory with us as it is, this is what we call - forever.

tkkerouac said...

I think you should reminisce, and take her out for a coffee. She will always have on piece of your heart.
Perhaps you felt you couldn't keep up with the familys expectations. And when you marry the girl, you marry the family.
Don't forget to bring your joint!

lime said...

btw, i'm really glad you shared this....another side of the wonderful g-man :)

Jodes said...

that was beautiful.

jillie said...

Yes, the pain of losing our first love. I still feel a pang and tug of the old heart strings every now and then when I take a walk down memory lane.

What a beautiful poem you wrote and yes, you have your two children and they have YOU!!


Anonymous said...

often the memories are much sweeter than what it would be like to be with that person.

javajazz said...


Manny said...

Awww g, this is the sweetest post ever.

eh hemm, Sign, his punk ass is crying again.

Ahhhhhh ah ah ah ah That's right, I got jokes.

Sorry g, I just couldn't pass the chance up. I am so full of wit.

This is a sweet post.. I like your soft side.

MilkMaid said...

Yes, lots of robins here in the warm south. LOL

What a great poem! Youthful passion...

EBEZP said...

Robins we've got loads and Batmans or is it Batmen?!
What a good poem, I was touched. Memories can be cruel and unforgiving and another time really quite good.
Oh the could've beens! Always better than the never wases!!

G-Man said...

Barman, does she have E-Mail?

TC, I almost chickened out about posting this. I think you are great, and you are our resident poet! Thanks..

SignGurl, my heart did break, and she made me more than salivate!!

Thank you for your kind words. And the memories are forever. Big Hugs to you my dear.....G

Tracy like I said she probably hates my guts.
But thanks for the thought....Galen

Limey, thank you again.
Your very comforting...G

Thanks Jodi..You write a mean poem yourself Baby.

Thanks Jillie Bean, suddenly I feel much better! You make anyone feel better...G xxxx

TC, Truer words were nwver spoken!

Lisa, I know what your thinking....... xox

Manny, You can't believe how much I cried..Thanks for reading....G xo

Milky? Do Robins live in Texas? I thought that was all my Exes...Thanks for visiting sweetie G x

G-Man said...

EBEZP? OK, I gotta know what that means....
Thanks for visiting again! You are very colorful....Galen

SignGurl said...

Sniffing around for some skin.

gab said...

That is the sweetest thing Ive ever read! Memories arent they great?(well sometimes)

G-Man said...

Hold your horses you guys.
Hi Gabby

MONA said...

hello G..this is a nice poem..isnt it strange how the experiences of life that have been left incomplete come to haunt you..Finish us, complete us, they seem to be screaming...
Once completed an e3xperience disappear ouy of your life forever.
I wrote a poem too for my boyfriend

Let me live for a moment
Inside the coffin
of your unshed tear drop
& soak myself in your rainbowed pain
A brief elastic moment
As if to preserve a parting
Then we shall fall
your tear & I
Into the naked sea of pain
we shall not be a pearl
Your tear & I
But a real Live drop
that shall mingle with the sea
to form a Union.

G-Man said...

I can feel your poem too Mona, You are talented also, on top of being sweet and beautiful...G

Manny said...

My peom went like this...

You dumped me...
Now eat shit and die!

G-Man said...

Very elequent!!

Galen Loves Manny!!

DarkAngel said...

I've got one of those ... I refer to him as RB in my blog ...

I still miss him too, regardless ...

Know how you feel.

G-Man said...

Thanks Angel, who would be crazy enough to leave you?? G xox

cathy said...

thought I'd see if you were paying attention, so glad that my sense of mischief led me to this beautiful poem.