Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Menu.......

Hi Everybody, I hope you all had a great Holiday!!
In Michigan, if you move to another state, one of the home-grown products that your friends just have to bring you when they visit, is Vernor's Ginger Ale. It's Bubbly, it's Spicy, it's delicious!!
It is also the favorite item that cooking folks like to bake their ham in.
I prefer the Bone-In ham. It is not pre-formed, and you can use the bone for soup later..
The Fresh Kielbasa was just ground and stuffed yesterday by my good friend Brian Berkey who owns a market.
The potato salad was very crunchy and a bit tangy thanks to the authentic Hungarian Paprika that my daughter sent me from Budapest last year when she was in Europe..
I also had Green Bean Casserole, Cresant Roles, and Deviled Eggs, and Pierogies..
For dessert we had Carrot Cake.
Speaking of the daughter, she came up for dinner today from college, how about those Czech Shoes that she picked up in a Prague Flea Mkt. for 10 Crowns..(2.50)..
Anyway, I hope you and your family had a swell day...


Rebicmel said...

a smörgåsbord of delight tidbits! I make a very tangy mustard potato salad with dill pickles and onions and celery even green olives yummo!!! The Ham looks delicious.

Glad to hear your weekend was a good one! Have a great Monday kiddo.

Hale McKay said...

Hungry you made me, even after all I ingested today at my daughter's house.

Your pictures reminded me of one thing that didn't show up for our Easter feast - Deviled Eggs!

I love deviled eggs. Perhaps from the leftover colored eggs I'll find some tomorrow when I come home from work?

I trust you had a Happy Easter.

Serena Joy said...

Everything looks wonderful. I don't know about those shoes, though; they look like they'd hurt.

barman said...

OMG, it all looks so wonderful from the perogi all the way through that wonderful ham. You sure got a lot of cherry there G. :) It all looks so wonderful. And that Vernor's, heaven. As a matter of fact I have a bottle of diet Vernor's sitting not all that far from me. I find it hard to tell the difference between diet and leaded.

Anyway it was nice Easter. Not as wonderful a spread as you put on but nice just the same. Glad you had a nice weekend.

Mona said...

Happy Easter to G man & family & the rest of the blogging & non blogging world!

That is a lot of eggs!

Hope you enjoyed the food shown here.

S said...

Next time, cook the friggin keilbasa before you show it to me, GMAN! Im practically a vegetarian!

Those shoes ARE Rockin!!!!!!!!

SignGurl said...

I love M's shoes!! Tell her to keep them forever. I somehow lost the cool ones I bought in Paris. I'd give anything to have them back.

I need you to come and cook for me. I'm sick...and tired...

TK Kerouac said...

Everything looks delicious, a feast for my eyes.
I agree with Susie
cook that sausage
I was trying to figure out what it was at first
and it wasn't a pretty thought.
Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!

lime said...

everything looks yummo! and what a bargain hunter that girl of yours is ;)

S E E Quine said...

` OMG! That is too much food, and way too much fat content!

` That's okay. Excess is sometimes good. For example this is way too much post!

wallycrawler said...

I love a good spicy sausage!

G-Man said...

Thank You all for visiting today, I had a very long day at work and I am just beat..Sorry

javajazz said...

i dont mind looking at
your raw sausage.
did someone really make that
for you, all fresh like that???
you are kind of the chefs G-man.
you totally rock.
i know you make that whole dinner
and Mandy's shoes and being all dressed
up for Easter is real sweet.
she's all growed up....((sniff)) xo

Strumpet said...

Those shoes ROCK!

They're like female Duckie Dale shoes.

And so does Hungarian Paprika.

I was drinking Ginger Ale on the plane.

I don't drink it very often.

But, perhaps I would drink it moreso if I tried your kind.

If I ever see it, I'll pick it up.

Sounds like you had a cool time.


javajazz said...

i was reading back
(i do that, G-man never reads back)
and i was trying to figure out
what i was saying when i wrote
that G-man was
kind of the chefs..
"kind of the chefs?"
"kind of the chefs?"
what the hell does that mean.
and then i realized
that it was a typo
and i felt much better
being able to read my own written word.
and it was King of the Chefs,
yup, that was it.
Mr. Knowitall is KING of the cheffies.
sick kolbassa by the way.
(sick is good)
(my kids taught me that.)

S E E Quine said...

` Lol, Java! I love typos!